Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It is never too late to reinvent yourself

This is probably going to come off as a very corny sounding post, but one of the things I've realized these past few days is that when you're ready to change you will.

In January 2011 I embarked on a healthier lifestyle. Through mid 2012 I had lost a grand total of 50lbs and was feeling truly on top of the world - not at goal yet, but confident that I was going to get there. In fact, I even blogged earlier this year about how 2012 was my year and how I was going to hit my goal weight this year.

Let's just get real here for a second - that's not going to happen. I want it to happen, but realistically it's going to take me a bit longer to hit my goal the healthy way.

Here's the thing that I think happens to so many people - they get into a cycle where they do GREAT for a really long time, and then something big changes and gets in the way, throws off their routine, and before they know it they've lost their way and their journey ends there. But this journey is NEVER over, and it's never too late to really start trying again.

We all have obstacles in our lives. For me, I had a pretty traumatic couple of months June through September - first I was down and out with mono, and then I resigned from my job to take a leap of faith and start a new adventure. Do not get me wrong - I LOVE MY NEW JOB! I know with 100% conviction that it was the right move for me...but it also presents new routines and new challenges, and has made my "getting back in the swing of things" a bit delayed.

But the time is now. I'm ready. I've settled into the job, I'm feeling better, and more than anything I have the WANT to change. Sick girl I have been, but sick girl I will be no longer.

I'm not going to lie - I strayed a lot over the past few months. Ate out a lot, didn't make smart choices, and developed an addiction to frozen yogurt (ok fine, I guess there are worse problems to have) - I've gained a few pounds, nothing traumatic, and nothing that won't come off pretty quickly, but the biggest thing I noticed was how I FELT about myself. I felt lazy. I felt unenergized. I felt like I wasn't in control of my choices. And truthfully for a little while I just didn't care.

But that was the Erin of yesterday. I am ready and I am back in this fight. I won't be 100% perfect all the time, but that has never been my intention. I'm still going to enjoy a delicious cupcake or two from time to time when my cousin Meghan (AMAZING baker) tempts me with her creations, I'm still going to eat the occasional dessert and unhealthy meal for special occasions, but that's the EXCEPTION, not the RULE. It's time for me to re-establish the rule.

Here are my rules:
1) Drink lots of water
2) Make smart choices
3) Workout frequently (5+ times a week)

This is what I've done in the past that works for me. No fad diets, no calorie counting, just living and being smart about it.

Do you feel like you need a little re-inventing? What are you waiting for? Join me in taking control back.


  1. sounds like a great plan
    i definatly needed some reinventing lol and im stayin on track at least the last 15 days

  2. I am totally in the same boat as you, I have recommitted to a healthier life style. Good luck!

  3. I like your rules. Having mono is no joke. I'm proud of you.

  4. I think that is the one thing that is different for me this round. The blocks stumble me. Not derail me.

    Hope you find your rytham again. You have such a great outlook. I am so happy that your job change was such a positive one. What a scary leap to take!!

  5. Love it. :) sending you lots of love and strength.

  6. wow can i relate to this... you are SO right! life will get in the way but we can always reinvent ourselves!