My Story

Some of you may know me already, I am no stranger to the land of blogging, but I decided it was time to rebrand myself.

I had a happy childhood. I do not carry emotional baggage. I do not have a food addiction.

But I am...was...carrying the burden of being overweight. Everyone has a why and mine is quite simple: I never really knew any other way. And more than anything, our lifestyle is a habit, and wanting to change that lifestyle isn't as simple as deciding to do so, it involves breaking down everything you know and changing your habits.

In 2011, about 80lbs overweight, I decided that after several half-hearted attempts it was time to lose the weight. I had seen too many episodes of The Biggest Loser and watched with great empathy and admiration, and it occurred to me that I was lucky. I wouldn't even be eligible to be a contestant on such a show, I didn't have as much to lose. So why not try? I figured I owed it to myself, and I owed it to everyone else who wasn't so lucky. I'm sure many people get to their aha moment and think "why didn't I have this thought 100 pounds ago??" But that wasn't going to be me.

So I switched gears entirely. I started working out every day in an attempt to build a habit, and I started making much more careful and calculated food decisions. And I became obsessed with water.

And you know what? It worked.

Within the first few months I noticed that weight was slowly and surely sliding off. I plateaued in the middle of 2011, mostly because I slipped back into some old habits and had a hard time getting back into my regular workouts. But it wasn't a permanent funk, and I got back into the habit and had a few more successful spurts of loss.

About a year and a half later, I find myself 50lbs lighter...not quite at my goal yet, but feeling great and confident that I'm going to get there, road bumps and all.

I have four secrets to my success.

1) "Diet" - This is not a diet I'm on but a lifestyle quest to eat better and cleaner. I don't count calories, but I try to make smart choices.
2) Exercise - I aim to be active at least 4 days a week
3) Hydration - Water is essential to the body as it is necessary to effectively process and burn fat.
4) Accountability - I choose blogging as a personal record of my journey, and for my family, friends, and peers to keep me honest.

Join me and follow along with my journey, as I get smaller in time. And before we know'll be small Erin time

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