Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hi friends!!

So, I've been yelled at a few times for my lack of updating, and here it goes...

Life has been CHAOS! I started my new job and I've been traveling a lot. A lot a lot. But it's really awesome so far, loving my job, loving my coworkers, and all around really happy about making the transition into a new company.

I haven't really been on par with eating and I definitely haven't been working out (I worked out my very first day of work, Sept 4th, and I ended up going to bed at 8:30. I don't think the mono liked that).

So, needless to say, I'm a little off track right now but trying to get back into the swing of things and establish a regular routine. As you all know, traveling makes things that much harder, and so I'll have to come up with some ways to avoid eating crap when I'm on the road.

In fact, speaking of being on the road, it was hard for me to update over the last 2 weeks because I was traveling and I didn't have any of my blog stuff on my work laptop, but I just arrived home from Charlotte NC a little while ago to a pile of deliveries waiting for me... iPhone 5 and an iPad! Hooray! This is my very first iPad blog post. Now I promise to update more often, the blogger app should hopefully make it nice and easy. Plus I got this sweet bluetooth keyboard for my iPad.

So, since the theme of this seems to be all about travel, what are YOUR favorite tips for staying on track while you're on the road, on the go, or traveling a lot?

Also, forgive me while I test the "take a photo" feature in this app...I have no idea how this is actually going to display.

Hope everyone is well!!!


  1. I try not to eat so much in restaurants and try and buy food in the supermarkets just like I do at home. That way I know it isn't heavy in the calories and I can't be tempted by starters or desserts.

  2. awesome job losing 50 pounds so far ...iknow how hard it is been an up and down struggle for the last 3 years 4 me
    good luck on your journey

  3. ahhh i didn't get the memo that you moved -- just checked out some of my faves that haven't posted in awhile and found your link!
    glad to see you are still around bloggin' -- even if it is just here and there!