Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2 days down, 29 to go

How's your January going?

Mine is off to rocky start but I'm hanging in there. Woke up around 3:30am last night with a raging sore throat. Instead of throwing in the towel on my early morning alarm clock setting for my workout, I decided to take some cold medicine, catch a few more hours of zzz's, and power through it. And I actually felt pretty good during and afterwards. Of course it didn't fix me, I'm still not feeling hot, but I'm still happy I was able to get a low impact workout in.

My Jan progress: 2 days of working out (with a 4 day streak), and food choices I'm happy with. So far so good!!!


  1. So far so good for me too! I am better today than I was yesterday and that's all I can ask for!

  2. Good for you for not giving in to sleeping longer.. I hope you feel better soon..

  3. Great job! I am also off to a pretty good start!

  4. Great job! I think the start of the year has been pretty awesome for me too.

    Feel better!