Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 in Review

This has been a tough year for me.

I started 2012 with such a bang, I was on FIRE, and I lost a significant amount of my total weight loss last winter. I hit my all-time lowest adult weight in April, but I lost that momentum when I went on a two week trip to London to visit my sister. Unfortunately, when I got back from London, I just never regained the rhythm that I had. 

In the back of my mind I still thought that 2012 was going to be my year to hit goal, it was going to be the year I finally fit into that "goal dress" I've got sitting in my closet, all I had to was get back into the swing of things. And anyone who struggles with their own journey knows that sometimes taking a break from being REALLY healthy and "on" all of the time can actually help break through a plateau and jumpstart things again when you come back strong. So that was my plan.

But...plans never really work out the way you want them to, huh? Summer hit and I was sick on and off, and then finally after being reallllly ill I found out I had a duel case of strep throat and mono. Unfortunately, the mono took a LOT out of me, and exercise-wise I was out of commission for the entire summer. 

Meanwhile, I decided to make another big change to my life - I left my super predictable, boring, corporate job for an exciting, fast paced, constantly changing job at a start-up company in September. Before, I was home everyday, and then the new job put me on the road about 3 weeks out of the month. If there is one thing I've learned during my weight loss journey, it's that I have a really hard time adjusting to change and developing a new routine. That's not to say that I didn't work out on the road, I did, I made a conscious effort every single time I packed to bring my sneakers and workout clothes so that I could be sure to get in some active time. Unfortunately, being active is only a small piece of the puzzle, diet is really key, and when you're on the road it literally means eating out for every.single.meal. I stay in hotels, I don't typically have a microwave accessible to me, and that means I'm eating at restaurants. It's really hard. Endless delicious options. 

But alas, 2012 had accomplishments too!! I finally stepped up at tackled something I've wanted to do for so so so so long but I was always scared - I ran my first 5k!! And after I did that...I ran another!!! In fact, I haven't blogged since running my first 5k, so here's the quick recap of that.

1st 5k - super flat course, cold and rainy, clocked in at 42:00 even. 
2nd 5k- hilly course, really cold, clocked in at 40:59. 

And of course, the race outfits - 
First 5k
2nd 5k

So despite wanting to hit a sub-40 5k, I was ecstatic that in just over a month I was able to shave off a full minute from my 5k time. 

Looking back at the year....I'm simultaneously disappointed and proud of myself. 

I'm disappointed that - 
  • I let a vacation get the best of me
  • I got sick
  • I didn't always make the best food choices
  • I struggled eating out on the road
  • I had a hard time establishing a good routine with a new job
  • I severely neglected both this blog and the amazing people who have supported me
I'm proud that -
  • I didn't let mono be the end of this journey
  • I made an amazing career change
  • I ran TWO 5ks post-mono
  • I managed to actually improve my 5k time!
  • I still have friends that support me, check in, and ask about my blog even in its sad state
So where am I now?

Despite gaining a few pounds back after my all-time low in April, 2012 still sees me about 20lbs lighter than 2011. I'm still wearing the same clothes I have been all year, and I'm looking forward to downsizing again. 

November 2012

I'm leaving 2012 with a renewed sense of commitment to my health and this blog, and looking forward to getting back on a path that I can be proud to share with you all. 


  1. congrats on the loss
    you do look amazing
    you are going to definatley downsize even more in 2013

  2. I think 2012 has been an incredible year for you. Yeah you've listed your disappointments but with every disappointment I bet there are positives that went with them i.e. great experiences on holiday, overcoming the challenges/obstacles that were in your way and the fact that you're down 20lbs from 2011. SO many people put it ALL back on and more. I think you've learnt a lot about maintenance as well as weight loss this year, especially when you were ill or with the constant adapting due to working away from home. From my experience, maintenance is very hard, so that's something else you can be proud of too.

    I'm excited about your 2013. I know it will be a great year where I expect you'll overcome more challenges and reach even greater heights in your life.

    Good luck!

  3. For every disappointment you have bounced back stronger!
    Congratulations on what you have accomplished in 2012 and I see only more good things happening in 2013!

  4. I think that the good out weighs the bad.

  5. You look amazing! You just got a new follower.


  6. I agree with the others, there are more victories than losses. Like we talked about, 2013 is ours! :D

  7. I had the same April thing happen in 2010. Dropped ~50lb---then took on a 2nd and 3rd job

    before you knew it I was hoarding pizza behind foggy windows in my camry. I mean, I was working so hard I just had to eat the whole pizza.

    I would dump the boxes off at gas stations. Like I was disposing of evidence.

    50 lbs came back like Cher. Loudly and uninvited.

    Hey I just ripped on Biggest Loser you should come tell me if I'm right or wrong because I think you would do that.