Monday, August 20, 2012

I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!

Alright friends, don't panic.

I'm not quitting my blog.

I'm not quitting my healthy lifestyle.

But at the risk of my coworkers finding my blog.... I quit my job today (my team doesn't know yet). I guess quit is a harsh word, I resigned. I gave my two weeks notice. For the longest time I was that person who would gush about how much I loved my job. I graduated college, landed an awesome full-time position, and I was truly loving it for a really long time. I went from working in a really small software company, to a really large tech company after two back-to-back acquisitions, and after about 5 years of that I realized something pretty recently - I just wasn't happy anymore. It wasn't really any one thing, but once I had that realization I knew it was time to make a change.

If you're not happy with something in your life, change it. Life is too short to have regrets. 

So anyway, I found a really amazing opportunity and received an offer last week. I'm endlessly excited about it and the new company (which is a very small company), and I think it's going to be a great fit for me. I start September 4th. 

This new job will likely be challenge (that I accept and am ready to win!) for my healthy lifestyle because not only will I be traveling frequently, but they also order lunch for their employees every single day. Luckily, it sounds like I'll have the option to get salad, so I hope I just have the willpower to make good choices :-)

As for traveling frequently, I am not even slightly worried as I have seen how Kelly has just totally ROCKED being on the road. Seriously. Every once in awhile I stumble upon a blog I need to read start to finish and her's was one of them. Her old job had her jetsetting all of the time and she had amazing weight loss success while doing. It can be done. No excuses. 

Anyway, I have no idea where I'll be traveling to yet, but if I ever find myself in any of your neighborhoods, let's take in a healthy dinner together. Or maybe a yoga class. I'd love to expand my network! So for all of you guys in the USA that might welcome a fellow blogger meetup - what major city are you closest to?


  1. I'm from WV so I doubt you'll ever be this way, but let me know :)
    Congrats on having the nerve to put your 2 wks notice in after only a week.
    I'm ready for a new career & that's in the works... So good luck to us both :)

  2. congratulations! And what a HUGE move! If it is one think life has taught me it is that you will always regret the things you didn't do, and not the things that you did do, that didn't turn out. I am sure your new job will be wonderful! Kuddos for getting out their and making the change! ROck it out girl!

  3. It sounds awesome, Erin! I have been seriously considering a career change lately also. If you're ever in Kansas City, let me know!!

  4. Whoo hoo! Congratulations! Way to go for taking control of your happiness! So happy for you! :)

  5. Congratulations! Life is so exciting.

  6. Congrats! The new job sounds exciting! And how nice you get lunch ordered every day. If you're ever in NC you better visit me!

  7. Here, Here. Life is much too short.
    Congrats on the new job.

  8. Congratulations!!!! You see me in Minneapolis, yes? <3

  9. AWESOME!! Congrats. I made a job change last year and am infinitely happier. Makes a HUGE difference in my home life. Hope you thrive in your new position!! And if you are ever in Tucson... let me know! :)

  10. Wow congratulations on the new job! I got one too, it's really rather exciting! I hope this gives you some awesome challenges and that you love it!