Saturday, July 28, 2012

Testing my limits

Today was the Boston/New England Color Run. I was so excited many months of ago when my friends banned together and decided to run this fun 5k. One, I had been feeling it was time to sign up for my first 5k, and two it was an extra bonus that all of my friends wanted to do it too. So we banned together and signed up as a team, and I picked back up with my C25K program to be sure I was definitely ready in time for the big day.

Funny how things NEVER go according to plan.

Since my doc called on July 10th with my mono test results, I've been laying low, not really sure if I'm "better". My sore throat/swollen tonsils have long since recovered, so the main issue left is the exhaustion...but when you're spending all day sitting or sleeping, it's hard to test if you have energy to do more. But, since I decided that it would not be a good idea to run the color run, I wanted to still go cheer on my girls, so I set out this morning on the biggest excursion I've had since pre-mono to test my state.

Verdict is in. I'm not ready. Blah. It left me totally drained and exhausted. My saving grace is that I actually want to be on the couch glued to the tv. Hello Olympics!! Riveting volleyball game earlier today against Korea, I think that's my fav thing I've seen so far. Oh wait. Lies. It was definitely Mr. Bean's cameo during "Chariots of Fire" during the opening ceremony. Classic.

I was talking to my sister online today recapping the morning and how it destroyed me. She told me I was getting no monopathy from her. This is the new word she has invented. It means no mono sympathy. Hahahaha. 

Anyway, I'll keep testing my limits. Tomorrow I may try doing some light yoga for 20-30 minutes, work my way up to an hour. Really desperate to ease back into being active. 

What are your favorite Olympic sports? Favorite Olympic highlights so far?


  1. Sorry you missed the race. I want to do a color run one of these days. I would add activity in bit by bit. Maybe get a yoga dvd or something that you can do and then when you get tired stop for a little while and just add the activity in slowly. GL I hope you get to feeling better. I had mono is college and it was AWFUL!

  2. Bummer you had to miss the race. Hope you get back to normal energy soon!

  3. Life sometimes is very good at getting the way...but very bad for our plans.

    Mono/gladular fever is awful. The energy levels is the last thing to come back. You must take it easy, you don't want to get worse again. I'd over exert myself when I had it and then end up in bed for a week.

    Try small walks if you want to be active or maybe some Pilates or Yoga when you are feeling better. All great exercises but not as intense as running.

    How AMAZING was the opening ceremony of the Olympics? I was so proud to be British. I'm looking forward to the Cross Country tomorrow. I loved watching the swimming, rowing and gymnastics the last couple of days. I've got the women's cycling on at the moment. GO TEAM GB! lol x

  4. Yo E$ - I believe the phrase is "banded together" not "banned together"....


  5. I was sick over the weekend and was thinking about you! It must be such a bummer to focus on your fitness and have it taken away by a virus. Sending healing energy your way.

  6. Sorry you missed the race :( I hope things get back to normal for you soon.

    I LOVE the Olympics, my favs are diving, swimming, running and gymnastics.

  7. Sorry that you missed the race. Check to see if Color Me Rad will be near ya. Maybe you can register for that race & you'll be better by then.

    My favorite Olympic event is swimming and women's gymnastics.

  8. My favourite moment was definitely today. Britain FINALLY won a gold medal in the women's rowing. I was screaming at my TV!

  9. Fave Olympic sports are swimming, diving, synchro diving, synchro swimming, gymnastics, trampoline, and pole vaulting (duh).

    I don't have a favorite moment but I know Guinness and I enjoyed the Queen's corgis during the opening ceremonies broadcast.