Sunday, July 15, 2012

Help a sister out!

I promised my twin sister this blog.

She is currently living in London and looking for ways to keep active while there. Inspired and intrigued by my experience with phase one of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, she decided to order it too.

One teeny tiny minute problem, and one that I'm hoping you all have experience with...

She lives on the second floor of an apartment and has found almost all of the cardio impossible to do due to the large amount of jumping around. So, I'm looking for CARDIO SUBSTITUTES! Something that can be done within an apartment that doesn't risk upsetting the neighbors.

Any ideas? I have the luxury of having an elliptical, treadmill, and a home of my own to jump around in, so I'm useless as to offering a suggestion.


  1. Yesss please help! Workouts 1 and 2 were going great and then when I got to cardio I felt defeated. I just CAN'T be jumping around that much here!

  2. OMG. Your twin lives in London (still so jealous by the way)! She could explore the wonderful city by foot! Take pictures, maybe blog about life in England, have fun and get fit every day! Buy a pedometer, set a daily steps count and get active. It worked for me and my city (Southampton) is no where near as exciting! :)

    ....but considering the weather we've been having in the UK, maybe buy a hula-hoop, that's meant to be a good workout, kettlebell swings, yoga.

    Good luck!

    British Tim

    1. British Tim, I should point out that I actually do walk almost 2 miles to and from work (each way) most days - so I am getting some activity there! I bought a fit bit so I can start tracking exactly how many steps I'm taking though (and let's be serious, what's this sleep analysis thing too? count me in) I do have a yoga mat at my flat so that's one area in particular that I could easily step it up.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. I am loving the walking mileage! That's seriously great. It would be pretty cool to hear what you think of the fit bit. I was considering getting one as I count my steps too.

      Couple more suggestions: Exercise bike (You can get cheap-ish folding bikes if space is limited), Ab Roller thingy - btw thingy isn't part of the official name! :) i.e.

      If I think of anymore, I'll list them.

  3. Um... air punches (various types)? Mountain climbers? Maybe watch a couple of the cardio videos and find the ones that would be "quietest" and do those during the one-minute cardio intervals. For the cardio days, that is as easy as going for a jog or to the gym to use some cardio equipment.

  4. I would say go for a run but with the weather we are having here in good old Blighty at the moment she may not want to do that. Lol.

    It's not appartment/flat friendly as you have to go a leisure centre but swimming is a great all round body exercise.

    I have a Pilates weight loss workout for dummies which works in some cardio moves and isn't too loud. It's not like super advanced. I use it to keep my flexible.

    Could 'the sister' maybe do Body Revolution at a time when people won't be so mad? Like not early in the morning or late at night but around tea/dinner time or in the afternoon?

    Re: comments above. Walking is good. Especially if you do it at a brisk pace.

  5. Maybe consider a low-impact (no-impact) DVD instead? I just went to & typed in "low impact cardio DVD" and several came up. Also, kickboxing or zumba would be good options.