Thursday, July 19, 2012

A tale of solemates, and more fitbit love

Fitbit Love
So first off for everyone out there who has a fitbit, I created a new group in the fitbit communities called "bloggers" - click here to go to the group and join! Share with your fitbit blog friends!

A tale of solemates 
Everyone knows people in the UK walk so much more than those of us in the US. I was trying to determine who walked more, my sister Colleen who is in London, or my blog buddy Tim who is a few hours outside of London.

I looked at his blog, and then I looked at Colleen's fitbit page, and here is what I saw:

The following conversation ensued....

‪Colleen‬: hmmmm
whats his step count?

‪me‬: oh really creepy
my dashboard says you went 13751 yesterday, which is his old average

‪Colleen‬: ahhhhh

‪me‬: you don't think it's weird?
that's a pretty precise #

‪Colleen‬: oh the SAME EXACT NUMBER
I didn't notice that
that iisssss weird

‪me‬: yeah

Colleen: we're stepmates

‪me‬: I'M DYING

‪Colleen‬: I am trying not to die! open floor plan!
I am holding back giggles so bad


‪Colleen‬: I might have to get up from my desk
this is too much
everytime I think of it I want to crack up


  1. Haha...stepmates.

    It's really cool to be able to see how many steps you actually take because it literally shows you how active you are (can be). I complain all the time about how Americans don't walk enough, but it's largely due in part to the fact that we don't have little towns like in G.B. It's easier to walk everywhere over there than it is here. It's a shame, too, because all these cars are killing the planet (and our bodies). :( Sad.

  2. Love it! Solemates... :-)

  3. I joined your group. Now I just need to get back to working out to accumulate some steps.